Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ear Ache

My poor big girl has dreadful ear ache and it's not letting her drift off to sleep.

Mark took the three little ones to his parent's house today so that I could do some work.  This is our regular Saturday routine.  He came home earlier than usual and I was suprised to see Sylvie in floods of tears.  She's got dreadful ear ache.  I wish I could do more to help her but I have no idea...  The pain seems to be coming in waves. 
She's got a hot water bottle that she wants to press against her ear and I've given her some paracetamol to try and calm the pain so that she can sleep but really, I don't think they're making any difference.  I'm wondering if a bag of chopped onions would do the trick but I'm not sure if that's for colds and stuff. 

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