Sunday, 29 April 2012

FIAR Make Way for Ducklings - day 2

The weather was good today so we headed to the Wetlands Centre at Washington to check out the ducks! The ducks, however, didn't get a look in as there was a chap on site from Wetheriggs Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre with a barn full of exotic animals!!!! Sylvie and Bea had a fantastic time holding the Bearded Dragon,the tortoise, the terantula, the huge hissing cockroaches, the Royal python, (Lizzy!!!) and another lizard, (can't remember her name!). What a brilliant morning and not a duck in sight! I think we'll certainly be visiting Wetheriggs Animal centre when we go to the Lakes at the end of May. We'll be picking up the Ducklings again tomorrow when we crack on with some maths and science!!!


  1. So long as you don't bring one of those eight legged hairy beasties back to the camp :-)