Wednesday, 2 May 2012

... it doesn't last for long

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the minute. So much to do, so little time and all that jazz. Some days I feel as though I need another 8 of me to be able to meet the needs of these children, but there's just one of me! Then I found this clip........... ... and it really made me think! This too, shall pass and I'll miss the chaos, the fighting, the playing, the awe, the mess, the games, the laughter, the screaming, the play dates, the drawings, the learning, the huge boat loads of love and everything else.


  1. Love that video... what a great idea!

  2. Love the videos (I watched the 9 year old one too) I watched them several times and your title of your post is most appropriate! It really made me think too. . . life is a blur! Yes, this too shall pass!

  3. I feel quite inspired to do something similar. How amazing would it be to have a record of your children's lives in such a format. Love it.