Friday, 5 August 2011

Roller Disco a Go Go

How foolish was I to think that the girls wouldn't like the roller disco. How foolish!!! Sylvie and Annabelle had a FANTASTIC time... I think that Bea was a little overwhelmed so maybe I was half right.

It wasn't what I thought it would be. The room was huge and there were disco lights flashing and everyone was just having a jolly time. Sylvie went in with her bike and rode round and round for literally two hours. She didn't stop once and was loathed to leave. Anna mounted the scooter and took herself 'round and 'round a few times and loved it. Bea, however, was wearing 'imaginary roller skates' - very funny and very bizarre at the same time. My quirky Bea.

We left the disco and went off to Witworth Park. We were accosted on the way in by a strange little s/he in horrible checky trousers saying that we weren't allowed to eat our picnic in the grounds. Claire's mum had received a flyer saying it was a great place for picnics so, we ate our picnic in the grounds. ~The children were almost eaten by the Deer, but luckily, only 'almost'.

We left there and went onto Coxhoe Park which was fab. By this time Bea was ready to drop so we only stayed for an hour then came home. Hurah, Mark was already home when we landed.

All in all, a bally good day what what!

Oh, and more random pics.

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